Rhythmic souls teaching staff

director: katelyn harris

It’s no wonder tap dance is rising in popularity, with new, innovative dance companies like Rhythmic Souls on the scene. This emerging Dallas gem is captivating local audiences with their unique blend of style, charisma, innovative choreography, and rapid-fire pace footwork! Whether it’s the classic elegance of Fred Astaire or the heavy hitting beats of Savion Glover, this company strives to bring the spirit of tap dance back to the stage and the classroom and continue the legacy of an American art form. Rhythmic Souls is on the cutting-edge of the tap dance industry with award winning choreography and instruction. Striving to provide the best in high quality entertainment and education, and to touch the minds and hearts of people everywhere, Rhythmic Souls encourages you to embark upon your own creative journey and “Let your soul create its own rhythm.” RS Staff will be teaching at The Dance Movement on Wednesdays and Sundays.