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We are looking forward to our upcoming recitals at Curtis Middle School (1530 Rivercrest Blvd, Allen, TX 75002: the school is east of 75 and about a 14 minute drive from studio). We will not have dress rehearsals this year per parent requests in the past. Our spring recital will run very similar to our Christmas shows. All recitals are on Sat. June 2. Attached is our order of the show with times.



Tickets will go on sale Mon. May 14. Tickets will be $3 each and available only through our TDM front office. If you would like your tickets charged to your credit card on file with us, simply send an email to and let us know how many tickets you would like, which time your show is, and we will charge your card, print them out and hold them in an envelope for you to pick up in our office. You can also buy tickets from our office with cash, check (made out to The Dance Movement), or charge anytime. All tickets are for general admission, not for assigned seating. Please bring your printed tickets to the show with you. Tickets will also be sold the day-of in the theater 30 minutes before the show starts.



When arriving at Curtis Middle School, pull into the main entrance. When facing the front of the school, turn right and circle around
to the side of the school. Enter the school there and it will lead you right into the dancer check-in and audience area.



Please check in 20 minutes before your recital time.


what to bring

Please have your dancer arrive in full costume/hair/make-up with a cover-up over. Dancers should only bring their dance shoes and any costume pieces they wear in their second dance all in a small bag. Please label everything with your child’s name. It is
impossible for backstage helpers to keep track of whose is whose without names.



At the finale of each show, all dancers will be led back onstage for a finale bow and to receive their trophies. We will then dismiss them class by class straight from the stage.



Box office (for day-of sales) and house doors will open 30 minutes before each show time. Personal photos and videography will
now be allowed at recital.


theatre etiquette

Please stay seated during all dances so everyone can be sure to see their little one.



This year, the Fusion Booster Club will be offering TDM recital frog princes (perfect for our storybook theme)! They are for sale
beginning in our office. Grab yours now before we run out! We also offer recital flower bouquets (benefiting Impact Booster Club).
At recital, tables will be set up in the lobby for flower pick-up (pre-sale only), frog prince sales (if any are left in stock), and day-of ticket sales. There will also be a recital photo backdrop for you to take a cute pic of your little dancer.



To order flowers for your dancer, click HERE


3-6yr. Old Recital Order

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Questions? Call our office at 214-509-9000. We’re looking forward to a great show!

6-Older Recital

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6-Older Show Order

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To order flowers for your dancer, click HERE


professional video recording

To order a DVD, click HERE


Questions? Call our office at 214-509-9000. We’re looking forward to a great show!